Immark AG- suitable utilization for toner recycling

Immark AG for toner recycling

In order to find a suitable utilization for toner cartridges, an internal research assignment was given to Immark AG in Regensdorf. The financial risk of the new development has been reduced through the FOEN Innovation Fund. The development was, however, some of the challenges. The largest was the control of the dust explosion caused by the curled clay dust. In order to prevent this dust explosion, an inert agent has been developed which binds to the toner powder so that there is no risk of explosion. An additional design protection is provided by a pressure valve, which can release the pressure in the case of a possible explosion.
After a one-year test phase, the toner recycling system is now officially in operation. The processing capacity of the plant, which can cover the entire Swiss market, is 1500 tonnes per year. Further operator knowledge is to be gained and the new procedure to the international standard is to be raised.