German EERA meetings 2017

Here are filed the documents of German EERA meetings in 2017.

(Draft) agenda's and (draft) minutes of meetings and ppt presentations.



Name: draft-agenda-eera-meeting-germanydef-12102017
Type: pdf
Size: 455 kB

Name: draft-minutes-german-eerameeting-20170704  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 524 kB

Name: presentationgermanmembers20170704  Download
Type: pptx
Size: 76 kB

Name: draft-agenda-eera-meeting-germany-04072017  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 506 kB

Name: draft-minutes-eerameetinggermany12102017  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 717 kB

Name: design-for-recycling-20171012-mf  Download
Type: pptx
Size: 44 kB

Name: eera-for-german-members-20171012-mf  Download
Type: pptx
Size: 47 kB

Name: german-meeting-12-october-2017  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 2.97 MB

Name: timelines-ec-october-2017  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 589 kB



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