CEWASTE stakeholder consultation October 22, 2019


CEWASTE stakeholder consultation October 22, 2019

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The consortium partners are pleased to announce that the key components of the first draft of the CEWASTE voluntary certification scheme are now almost ready for discussion. In order to ensure broad acceptance of the essentials of this scheme through transparent process and to allow contribution from a wide range of stakeholders, we have organised a consultation meeting at which this initial draft will be discussed. This will be held at the Centre International de Conférences in Geneva during the afternoon of the 22nd October 2019, the day before the World Resources Forum conference at the same venue.

The key components of the draft of the voluntary certification scheme will cbe circulated prior to the meeting and to take participants through these at the meeting. We will ensure that sufficient time and scope for discussion and feedback is provided on the day and in follow up.

All relevant stakeholders are welcome to contribute to the meeting. To register to be part of it please complete the relevant form here. For any questions regarding the meeting please contact James Horne at the WEEE Forum, one of our project partners.

More information: https://cewaste.eu/consultation-on-certification-scheme/