iERC 2020


iERC 2020

Geplaatst op 07-01-2020  -  Categorie: events

The 19th International Electronics Recycling Congress, which takes place from January 21 – 24, 2020 in beautiful Salzburg is only two weeks left. Hopefully we will meet our members druring the 86th EERA meeting the day before  and at the conference.

The WEEE experts at the Congress will discuss the latest recycling technologies, regulations, manufacturing processes and value of raw materials. The congress will focus on:


  • Impacts of E-mobility on the recycling industry
  • Do electric cars and bikes end up as electronic scrap?
  • What are the opportunities of the Circular Economy for your businesses?
  • Worldwide take-back schemes, quotas and challenges faced by OEM
  • Country reports
  • Business opportunities and models in emerging markets
  • Innovations in printed circuit board recycling
  • Best available recycling technologies
  • Safety standards for transportation and storage
  • Environmental management of hazardous components such as lithium batteries
  • Standards, compliance and regulations in the electronics sector
  • Are free riders still an issue?
  • Impacts of data security on reuse & refurbishment
  • Trading of used electric and electronic parts – good or bad?
  • Plastics recycling: “The long way from hell to success!”
  • Round Tables: “Shifting Markets China Ban 2 Years On” and "Collection Targets! – Achievability & Accountability”

The program of the conference can be find here: