EERA letter to Mrs Ursula von der Leyen

18 June 2020  -  General
EERA members offer full support of the targets described in Circular Economy Action Plan and the Green Deal  and can substantially demonstrate a proven track record of innovations and scale. Our industry needs  full support from the European Commission when it comes to maintaining and improving current directives that are so fundamental to the future of our businesses. In the first address to t...

Why the price of oil has no bearing on the value of post-consumer recycled plastic

27 May 2020  -  General
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiatives stemming from the Polluter Pays principle are being questioned right now when it comes to post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR). With the price of oil at historic low levels the cost of primary plastic is now lower than that of recycled polymers. The cost of collection, processing and production of quality recycled plastics has no index and the...

Characterisation of fires caused by batteries in WEEE

26 May 2020  -  General
More and more electrical and electronic products in everyday life contain batteries, making life more convenientor pleasant. However, those same batteries, when damaged, also increasingly cause these products to catchfires. In the past few months, organisations representative of the industry that manages the collection and treatmentof spent batteries and electronic waste (WEEE) and of manufactu...

Final workshop EC study on quality standards for treatment of WEEE

18 May 2020  -  General
EERA participated in the final workshop on quality standards for the treatment of WEEE in Europe, on May 15.  The outcome of the study is an approach for option 2: Laying down specific/selected additional minimum treatment requirements for WEEE in the European WEEE legislation. Among many stakeholders in the WEEE chain, EERA is still asking for mandatory standards for all MS in EU (option 1)....

EUWID 8-2020: EERA call to support WEEE recyclers under extraordinary circumstances due to COVID-19

23 April 2020  -  events
  EUWID 8-2020 published EERA' s  call to European Commission and member states to support WEEE recyclers under extraordinary circumstances due to COVID-19. Recyclers of WEEE throughout Europe are severely affected by the COVID -19 crisis. In many countries collection volumes have fallen suddenly. Recyclers have had considerably reduce of activities or even stopped their activities. EERA made...