16 April 2019  -  events
In its H2020 work program the European Union determined its goal to moving to a greener, more resource efficient and climate-resilient economy. As part of its strategy to reach these goals in 2010 and 2014 the Commission identified a list of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) that need special attention due to their economic importance and higher risk of supply interruption. CEWASTE is addressing th...

NSRR FTN project first notification granted within 19 working days

21 March 2019  -  events
  Yesterday, we received the message that the first pilot project NSRR- Fast Track has been granted by the competent authorities of the Netherlands and Austria after a processing time of 19 working days. This is an important visible step, in making transboundary shipments between compliant recyclers in the EU faster and easier.  It also showed that further improvements are still nee...

WRF conference Antwerp

26 February 2019  -  events
  EERA contributed to a deep dive workshop at WRF conference in Antwerp, co organised by Eurometaux and WEEE Forum. The title of the session: Global electronics waste flows. How to improve high quality recycling?  Chris Heron and Kamila Slupek (Eurometaux) opened the session with a creative presentation and this was followed by a well moderated panel discussion.  The participa...

IERC 2019 honorary award for Norbert Zonneveld

16 January 2019  -  events
This year Norbert Zonneveld received the IERC Honorary Award. He received the IERC Honorary Award in recognition of a career focused on the responsible recycling of Electronics. Norbert started his career in WEEE at Mirec.  In 2004 he founded EERA, with other European recyclers and  he was all these years the executive secretary of EERA.  Through the past 14 years Norbert has con...


14 January 2019  -  events
EERA (and 5 EERA linked partners, all EERA members) are participating in CEWASTE, voluntary certification scheme for waste treatment. The CEWASTE project contributes to an improved recovery of valuable and critical raw materials (CRMs) from key types of waste through traceable and sustainable treatment processes in the entire supply chain of secondary raw materials. As such, CEWASTE will addre...