Responsible recycling of WEEE Plastics needs to be saved in EU

25 June 2018  -  events
A new legislative proposal at EU level could make the recycling of plastics from Electronic Waste (WEEE) impossible. EERA is therefore calling for a course correction.   Plastic recycling is good for people and the environment – and indispensable for the future. Compared to newly manufactured plastics, one metric ton of recycled plastic saves three to four metric tons of CO2. In ad...

VDI Wissensforum Battery & WEEE Recycling

14 June 2018  -  events
VDI Wissensforum, June 14, 2018: Two important messages from EERA:  Chris Slijkhuis (Müller-Guttenbrunn, and EERA board member) gave a presentation on The Challenges of WEEE Plastics Recycling, with the important message that responsible WEEE plastics recycling needs to be secured. Norbert Zonneveld (executive secretary) informed the audience about the frictons between WEEE legis...

Stena plant visit for EERA members

31 May 2018  -  events
At least once a year an EERA member invites all EERA members for a plant visit. On May 30 Stena (SNRC)  welcomed more than 30 EERA members in Halmstad Sweden for an impressive site tour in the WEEE recycling plant and hosted also the 81st EERA meeting. 

Responsible recycling of WEEE containing BFR's

02 May 2018  -  events
  EERA published a brochure that describes how recyclers treat mixed plastics with Best Available Technology in compliance with WEEE and POP regulation.    Link to this brochure:          

Circular consumer electronics: an initial exploration

25 April 2018  -  events
Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation- Circular consumer electronics, an initial exploration 2018 This paper provides reflections on what a circular economy approach could look like for the consumer electronics industry. Built on insights from over 40 interviews with leading companies and researchers, the work is based on research supported by Google and undertaken by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2...