International E- Waste day 2019

26 September 2019  -  events
   The vision of EERA is for a circular economy where WEEE is managed as a resource and is returned into the economy as equipment for reuse or as a raw material. A circular economy with market actors cooperating along the value chain, an appropriate and enforced legal framework, better collection processes, mandatory treatment standards based on Best Available Technologies - BAT, era...

CEWASTE stakeholder consultation October 22, 2019

25 September 2019  -  events
The consortium partners are pleased to announce that the key components of the first draft of the CEWASTE voluntary certification scheme are now almost ready for discussion. In order to ensure broad acceptance of the essentials of this scheme through transparent process and to allow contribution from a wide range of stakeholders, we have organised a consultation meeting at which this initial dr...

EERA at the International Congress on Battery Recycling

25 September 2019  -  events
The 24th International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR was held in Lyon, France from September 19 to 20, 2019. EERA had the opportunity to speak about recyclers’ problems with batteries in WEEE. EERA Senior Expert Manfred Fahrner gave a presentation and took part on panel discussion on the future of battery collection and recycling. Manfred presented some provocative thesis, he accuse...

PolyCE's: workshop on Circular Design

25 September 2019  -  events
Making a business case for recycled plastics. The Philips Global Headquarter in Amsterdam was the scene of a technical workshop called Circular design of electrical and elecrtronic equipment: "The post-consumer recycled plastics challenge".  More than 40 participants representing the entire electronics value chain in EU, came together for an interactive workshop to discuss best practices ...

EERA Technical guidance document

08 September 2019  -  events
EERA published a technical guidance document. _ Safe collection  and traansport of electronic equipment with Lithium batteries _Understanding ADR rules made easy.   Document can be found at EERA website publications: