The impacts of BFRs on the recycling of WEEE plastics

19 November 2020  -  events
The study  from BSEF (bromine industry association), conducted by Sofies: the Impacts of Brominated Flame Retardants on the Recycling of WEEE plastics in Europe is now available.. Please find the final report on the Impacts of Brominated Flame Retardants on the Recycling of WEEE plastics in Europe and the EERA pesentation given by Chris Slijkhuis during the event in which the study was launced....

E waste world online 2020 EERA contributed with two presentations

19 November 2020  -  events
EERA contributed to the E waste world  conference (online) with two interesting presentations and a participation in the panel discussion, with strong statements from EERA’s side. Manfred fahrner: Recycling and material markets functioning markets or a need for regulation?  Chris Slijkhuis: Fast Tracks  a requirement for circular economy of electronics waste?


12 November 2020  -  events
Cewaste will explore whether standards and certification systems can be a tool to improve the recovery of Critical Raw Materials.  We invite you to have a closer look to the work done so far:  

EERA is the voice of WEEE quality recycling companies in Europe

16 October 2020  -  events
EERA is the.voice of WEEE quality recycling companies in Europe. EERA can help you with your hands-on WEEE recycling business. If you are in WEEE recycling, you would benefitfrom becoming an active member of EERA. eera-folder-online-3.pdf  

International E waste day 2020

14 October 2020  -  events
  Today, October 14 is International E waste day. EERA is proud that we have so many quality recyclers of WEEE as members of our Association. EERA stands for high quality treatment of WEEE. EERA advances sound economic conditions for recycling companies. Have a closer look at recyclers and find out who are already an EERA member.