WRF conference Antwerp


WRF conference Antwerp

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EERA contributed to a deep dive workshop at WRF conference in Antwerp, co organised by Eurometaux and WEEE Forum.

The title of the session: Global electronics waste flows. How to improve high quality recycling? 

Chris Heron and Kamila Slupek (Eurometaux) opened the session with a creative presentation and this was followed by a well moderated panel discussion.  The participants of the panel discussion were:

  • Thierry Van Kerckhoven, Umicore, Head of Supply Recyclables
  • Maria Banti, European Commission, DG Environment, Policy Officer
  • Huib van Westen, Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate(the Netherlands), Senior Inspector, representing IMPEL
  • Chris Slijkhuis, EERA Recyclers Board Member & Müller-Guttenbrunn Group Manager Public Affairs and E-Waste

Summarizing the discussion round, Pascal Leroy, WEEEFORUM  emphasized the urgent call from different stakeholders in WEEE recycling for mandatory recycling standards in Europe and the necessity for the fluent and practically undisturbed circulation of secondary raw material flows within the European countries. The North Sea Resources Roundabout Fast-Track Notification project in which the first trial was initiated last week, could be an excellent example for the 2020 Waste Shipment Regulation review.