In 2017 the EC decided for a WEEE compliance promotion exercise carried out by BIPRO and Deloitte Sustainability. The documents regarding this study are published here. 

Documents reporting by member states (Ireland) can be found at the MS pages.  Ireland


Name: 01-bipro-deloitte-background
Type: pdf
Size: 952 kB

Name: 02-bipro-deloitte-preliminary-findings  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 993 kB

Name: 03-bipro-deloitte-implementation-epr  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 598 kB

Name: 11-bipro-deloitte-weee-prev-prep-reuse  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 550 kB

Name: 12-fangeat-eco-modulation-of-producers-fees-in-france  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 298 kB

Name: 13-bipro-deloitte-possible-recommendations-for-discussion  Download
Type: pdf
Size: 455 kB



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