November 26th 2015
EERA supports the letter from OVAM, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders, supported by several WEEE value chain key actors" in-Flanders and Belgium, calls on the European...
September 23rd 2015
The program for the IERC Salzburg is fixed. Please find it in the attachment. New is that EERA will organise on Thursday the 21st of January a session. "What nowadays products...
September 10th 2015
Please find here the link to the summary of  the CWIT final report. (july 2015) final report CWIT    
June 29th 2015
EC: Closing the loop – Circular Economy, Boosting business, reducing waste ·      Stakeholder Conference, 25-06-2015 ·      Public consultation, 28-05-2015-20-08-2015  ...
June 9th 2015
June 2015: With great pleasure EERA would like to announce that the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has signed the agreement to implement the EERA/Eurometaux standard on End-...
May 26th 2015
  EERA is directly concerned about the decision of the Stockholm Convention defining HBCD as a new POP and the subsequent discussion within the European Commission to establish...
October 5th 2014
Dr. Thomas Marinelli, Health & Safety, Group Sustainability,Philips International B.V.  
October 3rd 2014
Mr. Adam Minter
During the Anniversary congress,  there are made testimonials of our guest speakers​​. The first of a serie: Mr. Adam Minter, Columnist with Bloomberg View.
September 13th 2014
Signing ceremony end processors
Implemenation of "WEEE end processing standard" is embraced by four large smelters. EERA and Eurometaux are proud to announce that all four companies have signed an agreement...
May 7th 2014
IERC has become THE international platform for discussion of the latest developments and challenges relating to worldwide WEEE. Over 500 international experts from industry,...
April 23rd 2014
EERA Anniversary : Circular Economy, What does it mean for (W)EEE? Autoworld Brussels, 18th of September 2014 was an inspiring day! Please find here some first reactions:  "I...


EERA's objectives include gaining influence at EU-level for the common good of the recycling industry and on following and responding to issues that are under discussion at national and international level...


We are proud to announce EERA counts 38 recycling companies which are positioned in 17 countries.

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